Build your own drone for only $259.99!

We strongly recommend purchasing a kit and building it yourself, no soldering or special tools are required and you learn a lot in the process! Of course, if you're not very handy we also offer a fully assembled and tested ready-to-fly model as well.

proudly made in america

The Flying Squirrel Multirotors EconoCopter's frame is water jet cut out of .030" aircraft-grade aluminum, and are clear anodized to ensure that it will never tarnish. They are made by Diversatech INC in the USA. This sturdily constructed frame attributes superb flight characteristics to the EconoCopter.

GoPro Camera Compatible

The Flying Squirrel Multirotors EconoCopter comes with a vibration isolated camera mounting platform built into the sturdy aluminum frame. In other words, you can strap a GoPro or similar action camera to the EconoCopter and get wonderfully smooth cinematic video!

Easily Upgradable

We provide a number of upgrade kits for the EconoCopter that allows you and your flying skill/knowledge to grow and expand with your EconoCopter. Other products may become obsolete left behind by your quickly progressing skill level, while ours will grow with you and encourage you to push the limits of R/C flight.

We give you the confidence to succeed

While other companies may give you a box of parts and a "good luck" letter when you purchase products, our philosophy is different. That's why we personally deal with each individual customer who we assist until they are completely satisfied. We also provide over an hour of educational YouTube videos showing how drones work and how to assemble an EconoCopter. We believe in hands-on learning!

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Open Source

We're committed to making all of our products open source. If you don't want to buy a kit from us, feel free to 3D print our frames and make one yourself. You to modify, share, and publish the design. Click here to read about our licence.


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